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A Traditional Way To Customize Your Apparel

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing method using stencils, or screens, that have your design burned into them. Squeegees are then used to transfer ink from the screen onto your shirt or other fabric, leaving you with a consistent and clean design. Screen Printing is great for large orders of apparel because the design will remain constant throughout the entire process.

What We Offer

Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts

All Star Signs and Apparel can print full-sized designs in vibrant color on a wide variety of styles and products, including promotional items. Our screen printing process is one of the best ways to market and print your company’s logo onto any type of fabric that can be screen printed such as custom t-shirts, polo shirts, hooded and non-hooded sweatshirts, work uniforms, shorts, and more!

Why Buy Local?

With the way modern age technology and the internet have taken over, you can place a t-shirt order pretty quickly now. But how quickly does it get fixed if it is messed up? By the time you email or wait on hold they will give you the run around on why it was your fault and it could end up taking months. We guarantee your satisfaction on your custom shirts and other items before they leave the building! If it’s not right, we will fix it right away!

We also offer dozens of sample shirts in our store for you to feel and look at. This ensures you get the style and color you really want. Come see us right here in Greenville, NC and get started on your custom t-shirts today!