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Window Graphics

The Best Way To Dress Up Your Windows


Empty windows are just a blank canvas for your advertising and branding designs. Don’t waste that space! Window graphics allow you to increase brand awareness, bring attention to your storefront, and provide contact and other information.  Almost all businesses can benefit from the use of window graphics. Whether permanent or temporary, window graphics are an effective and easy way to spruce up your windows and bring attention to your business.

Window graphics can be made from printed, multi-color, or single color laminated vinyl. Printed vinyl is typically printed on 3M laminated vinyl, which is opaque and therefore does not allow for visibility out or in. Designs can also be printed on window perforation (“perf”), which typically allows you to see out, but does not allow a passersby to see inside your business. Mutli-color or single color laminated vinyl is cut and installed on the window in whatever design you desire.

Some common uses for window graphics include: